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My grandmother, Engracia Nuño Hernandez, was born on April 16,1922 in Tepantia, Jalisco, Mexico. She mastered the art of cooking at an early age since family recipes were handed down to her from previous generations. Engracia not only inherited the recipes but also the responsibility of carrying out the tradition associated with how the meals were prepared with love, using the finest of ingredients, and maintaining the quality that embodies our family legacy… “The Best of Authentic Mexican Cuisine”. Engracia taught her daughter and my mother, Maria, to carry on the family tradition of fine Mexican cuisine. My Uncle Carlos Hernandez also passed on his recipes and concepts to my mother, resulting in a tried and true collection of different cooking traditions from various regions in Mexico. A palatable experience like no other.

I would like to invite you to Los Pinos Mexican Food Restaurant in Prescott Arizona to experience our variety of styles and traditional tastes of authentic Mexican Cuisine, prepared specifically for you.


Will Aldaco,
The owner of Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant

Authentic Mexican Food Recipes Passed Down For Generations!


'Made with Love'


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